Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Specter "Flip" Fallout

Yes, my friends, the drama has not ended yet. This time, it's much more local, from the King's dominion of Lower Merion.

It seems that Former RINO Arlen Specter's daughter-in-law, Tracey, is adding to the drama that is Benedict Arlen.

You see, it is rumored that Senator Specter decided to switch parties and run in the next Senatorial race as a democrat after a lengthy discussion at his son and daughter-in-law's dinner table the night before his big announcement.

Mrs. Specter is the current Republican Area Leader for the Lower Merion and Narberth voting districts. After first conceding that she should probably step down, Specter switched gears and now plans to hold on to her position until the 2010 primary and local reorganization.

According to Bradley Vasoli, reporter for the Bulletin, Tracey Specter had this to say:

“I remain a Republican and remain chair of the Republican Committee of Lower Merion and Narberth,” she said via e-mail. “The election for the U.S. Senate is a year and half away and currently I am focused on our important local elections this year. The feedback I have received from my committee and many in the community is very supportive of my remaining as chair.
Of course, the Republican Party, most of us who held our collective noses when voting for Mr. "I invoked Scottish Law", doesn't agree with Mrs. Specter.

Chairman of the Republican Party of Montgomery County, Bob Kerns, said to Vasoli:
...he (Kerns) thinks the Senate race “will begin in earnest after this primary”, and, “I think it puts Tracey Specter in an uncomfortable position when that happens.”
When asked his position, Republican County Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr., surmised:
“It would be very hard to convince party leaders that Tracy would be working for the party candidate,”...He said his own “grave concerns” led him to believe she should step down. (Other county committee members who did not wish to be named, made similar comments about Mrs. Specter.)
Well, I, Frankly have my own ideas as to what really went on...I know people think he's my bogeyman, but word out of Lower Merion is Tracey Specter reversed gears after being implored to do so by GOP turncoat Commissioner Jim Matthews. [Lower Merion's leadership (though not their committee) has remained firmly supportive of Matthews despite his deal w/ Democrat Joe Hoeffel (go figure).]

Lets face facts...everybody whose ever dealt with Tracey knows that her sole overriding interest in GOP politics was her father in law's political well being.
and for her to ask the rest of the county organization and her own committepeople to believe that she can suddenly switch that off is not only unreasonable but it's not fair to the committee members in Lower Merion.

In true Matthews form she's going to hurt our party while insisting that she's not...and expect everyone to swallow this garbage, all the while setting up her own committee as a divisive presence pitting Lower Merion against the rest of the county organization. This is happening at the precise time where Bob Kerns has managed to pull the entire county organization together.

Specter's last Republican supporter wants to splinter it apart for her own self interest.

Do the right thing Tracey, and resign.

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