Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Crossfile?

What is "crossfiling"? Crossfiling is basically ballot access on both the Republican and Democratic ticket for certain offices.

Judges and school directors are allowed equal ballot access on both tickets. Some people do not like this, such as primary loser Sherry Marcus Milano, who ran for a district justice seat in Plymouth Meeting against incumbent Frank Bernhardt. Milano did not take advantage of crossfiling and now is boo-hoo-hooing because she lost.

But the law is the law. She admits she knew the law and refused to take advantage because of "integrity"? Give me a break. If she had crossfiled and won, the video would show her dancing around her kitchen, saying "F*&K-Yeah!"

By the way, Republican District Judges picked up no less than three seats this primary season, Bernhardt (of Plymouth Township) won both the Republican and democratic primary, as did Cathleen Kelly Rebar of Collegeville and Edward Kropp of the Pottstown area. All three will be sworn in this coming January and will not have to compete on the November ballot.

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