Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Dad Speaks Out

From: (My Philthy-delphia, my dad's comments in bold)

my state of the union

Since I retired last year, I have become much more interested in politics, both national and local. This blog was started so I could get some things off my chest.

Guess what, it isn't working!

I'm seeing all the corruption, mismanagement, overspending and overtaxation that is only making me sick to my stomach. This is occurring from the top down, from Obama to Rendell to Nutter, judges, senators, congressmen, down to the lowly committee person, seems like everyone of them has their hand out for a kickback, a favor or a cushy job.

I long ago came to the conclusion that my one little vote will never make a difference. You could argue that I'm wrong but come on, when even our elected officials won't stand with their party affiliations (Matthews, Specter), our president, governor and mayor won't live up to their campaign promises, everyone scrambling to get their "little piece of the action"...Instead of staying lean, they are adding every bit of pork that they can get away with.

And who is there to stop them from doing this ? ME? with my ONE little insignificant vote?.......................I don't think so

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