Wednesday, March 31, 2010

King James XXIV: "I Deem..."

Courtesy of PA Watercooler


Anonymous said...

You Bill are a disgrace to our Republican Party...... Not Matthews.

You are not helping our party by keeping this TRASH going and you don't talk about anything else. If everyone was like you.... The Dems would win hands down. Because You and OTHER are too busy picking on Fellow REPUBLICANS! URAPUTTS

Bill Shaw said...

Well, Dee, the difference is Jimbo is not helping our party by continuing his feud with fact, the divisiveness between the 90% or so that supports Castor vs. the 10% (like yourself) who are still hanging on to the CENSURED Jim Matthews is caused by Matthews inability to admit that Bruce carried him on his coat tails to victory in November 2007.

That's Just Peachy, you know?

Oh, and URAPUTTS? so 6th grade...Adults say "You're a putz".

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