Friday, March 5, 2010

Diane Morgan Looks the Other Way on Pay To Play

Another situation where Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Controller Diane Morgan, in almost predictable fashion, decided not to pursue any further investigation into the Jimbo/Barry pay to play" shenanigans.

Her reasoning?

Well, it's quite simple...since Barry Miller decided that Ordinance 98-2 was in fact, not really what it should be, they created this "de facto" rule that 98-2 doesn't apply to Jimbo, or Jo-Huff for that matter...

Solicitor Barry Miller said for the past decade, county commissioners had been selective about sending out request for proposals, or RFPs, for professional services work as required by Ordinance 98-2. Ignoring the measure’s requirements constituted a “de facto modification” of the law, he said. (Times Herald, 03/05/10)

Right. Don't like the law, don't follow the law, we'll change it later when someone a great deal smarter than us catches on. Right.

As a taxpayer living in Montgomery County, I'm appalled that the fiscal watchdog, Diane Morgan, has decided that "pay to play" is no big deal. Morgan essentially "decided against taking any legal action given that Miller did offer details on the bond contracts."

Taking no action? OK, if I violate a county ordinance, then admit that I did-but explain that I was, in fact, following my own meshugeneh cattywonkas train of thought, then I get a pass?

Ms. Morgan, you are a disgrace. You sit and fiddle while Montgomery burns.

Read the Times Herald article here.


Janice Kearney said...

It adds a whole new meaning to the expression 'the fox watching the henhouse", doesn't it??

Crusty said...

What's new? Hoeffel, Matthews and Miller have been "Factoing up" things for the past 2 years and now they "factoed up" Morgan for a possible all paid federal vacation. Can you say accompliance Diane? If you think they are not giving you up - think again. It is always the other person and not them who did it. Hope you did not take legal advice from Miller. The bag is entirely in your hands. "Facto them" make the deal first.

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