Monday, March 15, 2010

"King James" Lives Like A King on OPM*

*Other Peoples Money

Yes, folks, it seems Jimbo may just be living high on the hog at the expense of his campaign contributors.

Jim Matthews has apparently been using his campaign account for dinners, EZ Pass, car payments, auto insurance, fuel, Starbucks, P.J. Whelihans, etc., paying for it with a Discover Card , then turning the receipts in to Friends of Jim Matthews for reimbursement.

He's paid for fuel in Hammonton, NJ and Ocean City, NJ...what campaigning is he doing in the OC? His voters are in Montgomery County!

On top of all of this, he has a county employee, Eleanor Schneider (HR director) signing his campaign checks for the past 2 years, in direct violation of his own policy, prohibiting county employees (under his jurisdiction) from fund raising for political campaigns.

By contrast, Republican Commissioner, Bruce L. Castor, Jr., Esq. has not only provided everything asked concerning his campaign expenditures, his records spell out exactly what each expenditure was for, unlike Matthews reports, which are vague, at best.

What amazes me, is that Jimbo's campaign treasurer of note, Back Alley Barry, is also the solicitor for the election board. Kind of a conflict of interest, isn't it?

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, eh, Jimbo?

Read the latest in today's
Times Herald.


karlub said...

Whenever I read news such as this I am always struck by how politicians have such pedestrian taste. I have nothing against P.J. Whelihans and Starbucks, I suppose. But would it kill these guys to patronize some small, artisanal patrons now and again? Or spend the money on art?

Our mandarins are just so darned jejune.

Bill Shaw said...

Jimbo is spending the money on art...magic!

Now you see it, now you don't.

And the car, a Ford Taurus, how much more 'pedestrian" is that?

Anonymous said...

You turds are blowing this out of proportion. This is CAMPAIGN MONEY and not tax payer money. The only reason you are trying to make a something out of this is because Jim is Raising a lot of money and you don't like it. The Only people picking up this "story" is you and the Time Herald... You Got Nothing

Bill Shaw said...

So your contention is that even though there are laws regulating how campaign money should be spent, it is ok to disregard them because it's not "taxpayer money?

Anonymous said...

"Only one paper is covering this"
"You've got nothing"

Two things often heard during the Inquirer's crusade against Vince Fumo.

He of the 5 years in prison sentence Vince Fumo.

Keep talking...

Anonymous said...

This is different and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Should is the operative word... It is LEGAL.....

Anonymous said...

I've seen the same stories a day or two later pop uo in the Reporter, the Mercury as well as the weeklies owned by the same company. Two front page shots in the Reporter alone a few days ago including this story. All those papers have their own editors. I don't think only the Times Herald thinks Jimbo is a thief. I don't see Matthews and Miller skating on this. I really don't.

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