Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jimbo Admits Breaking The Law. you ever even hear yourself speak. Jimbo? And, what's with the sweater? Reliving those "glory days", back when you used to be popular?


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Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
Just wondering if Jimbo's black band on the sweater is to symbolize the death of his political career???

Anonymous said...

No it was not for that. He is going to Win just watch and see

Just Peachy

Anonymous said...

Damn Lawyers..... They just don't like the fact that Jim is in charge.... THE DA's Office has been doing pay to play for years....25,000 contributions to Bruce from certain lawyers... No that just fine........ PIGHSNTS

Anonymous said...

The only thing Jimbo is going to Win is a free vacation at 60 Eagleville Road, Eagleville, PA. as a guest of the county. Just watch and see, Peach.

Bill Shaw said...

Maybe he can wear that stupid sweater with the black stripe on the arm...he'll have plenty of time to sew the rest of the black stripes on the sweater, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Prison stripes? Peachy.

MacDonald Carey said...

Jim Matthews negatives are 68% among Republicans.
Higher among Democrats.

How exactly does a candidate win with neither of the major parties voters willing to entertain electing him?

Before you make a stupid answer, about 85% of the voters who come out in off year elections are either a Republican or a Democrat.

Mind you, these numbers are before a DIME has been spent telling the voters what a piece of shit he is.

The man is finished. Like sands through the are the days of his political life.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think the conversation is about King James' political life anymore. That was over long ago. The conversation has moved to his freedom. Giving out secret, no bid contracts (in violation of state law and county ordinance)to campaign contributors and using that money for personal expenses is stealing. You go to jail for stealing. Please, Jim Matthews supporters out there, explain how it is not? Show us one quote in the past two years from a GOP leader supporting Jim Matthews. In Hoeffel's defense of KJ3, he says that Castor, Marino, Ellis, Kerns, Ferman all have weighed in against "The Chairman" because "The Chairman" is running a "bipartisan" government. That's the establishment of the Republican Party. And they weighed in against His Majesty because he's a crook and Hoeffel looks the other way to preserve this marriage of convenience. But if His Majesty has supporters out there, by all means write a letter to the editor to the Times Herald and sign your name. Defend the King's actions as legal and ethical. You won't, because you can't. Jim Matthews is simply dishonest. His actions over the years have confirmed that. He got away with it so long he figured he could steal. Of course the guy he screwed, Bruce Castor, has some small experience in noticing things like that. Ruth Damsker, he ain't. Screwing a guy like that was a huge mistake for His Majesty to make. Hard to recover from that.

Vegetable Lasagna said...

Let's not confuse the facts here.

Legal campaign donations are not the issue.

The illegal misuse of campaign funds is the issue.

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