Saturday, March 13, 2010

If Montco Weren't Already In Financial Trouble...

...along comes a lawsuit that could prove costly.

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), a group of non-union contractors, have filed suit in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

The lawsuit alleges discrimination on the part of the county commissioners, claiming that the "Responsible Contractors Clause" that Jimbo and J-Huf put into the prison expansion project specifications blocks many of their members from bidding on the contracts.

Claims Jimbo, "It's only this one project", citing that the Building Trades Council, who represents union labor in these parts, has sought the addition of the clause in bid language for years.

Let me get this straight...
Jimbo, who "conveniently" forgot to get the required 5 RFP's for county contracts with professional services providers (legal, insurance, financial, etc.) now requires them for the prison expansion project, AND adds the clause that only those contractors who have "apprenticeship programs" (read "union shops") need apply.

But Jimbo, didn't your lapdog solicitor, Barry the Great just say that you guys didn't use RFP's because you just plain forgot, and besides, since it hasn't been done for years, the "call them and just spread the wealth" method, or the "de facto" way, was now the way Jimbo and J-Huf chose to do business? Yet, for the Unions, who also contribute to (most likely) your campaign funds, get RFP'd with special instructions that "Non-Union Need Not Apply". Jimbo's excuse? "I thought this was a good opportunity to come through on a campaign promise."

Well, there's a first...Jimbo wants to keep a campaign promise?

How about we start with the one where you said you would work with Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr., Esq., if elected?

And, what promise was that, anyway, Jimbo?

But I digress...
The real story here is that Jimbo only chooses to follow county ordinances when it suits him to do so...RFP to require "union only" labor isn't the "de facto" way, now is it Solicitor Barry?


The pair of them are an anchor around the necks of Montgomery County taxpayers.

Read the Inquirer story

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