Friday, March 13, 2009

Last Evenings Endorsement

Although I don't have the final tally numbers, (I'll update the post later to let you know what order they came in) the 7 candidates recommended by the MCRC Area Leaders and Executive Committee were endorsed by the Republican Committeepeople on the very first ballot.


H/T to one of the poll watchers last know who you are! Here's the numbers:

Garrett Page 542

Patricia Coonahan 510

Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio 481

Gary Silow 459

Wendy Demchick-Alloy 455

Kelly Wall 393

Joanna Cruz 349

Dan Clifford 331

Brain Rosenthal 139

Barbara May 65

Harvey Freedland 9

Maureen Coggins 1

The bright spot of the evening? Garrett Page received the highest number of votes, which in my humble opinion, was very well-deserved. Garrett, Congratulations!

The low part of the evening? A vicious attack on Joanna Cruz left by one of the candidates on chairs last evening. That candidate's chief strategist was overheard to say, "See this? This is my manifesto!".

I was going to post excerpts from the letter, but though it to be too egregious to repeat. At some future time, I may make the text available, but I'd like to, at this point, to concentrate on the positive aspects of the evening.

MCRC passed it's first set of new, updated bylaws in many years. Thanks to all of those who had a hand in drafting the new bylaws.

Marie Cavanaugh was unanimously endorsed as Jury Commissioner candidate. Congrats to Marie!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the grace of Maureen Coggins, who, when it came time for her to give her one minute speech, withdrew from the race and asked the room to support the 7 recommended candidates. Mucho respect Maureen...Writemarsh Loves Ya!

I'd also be remiss not to mention the fact that Writemarsh's own, Kelly C. Wall, was one of those endorsed last evening. I have worked with Kelly on both her campaign four years ago for her run for Whitemarsh supervisor (I gimped door to door on crutches) and now with her run for the bench. She's a classy lady and has worked hard to earn her place on this slate of 7. Great work, Kelly!

To "The Magnificent 7"...Looking forward to working with you all towards victory in November!

Great night last night...time to veg out and give myself a well-deserved relaxation day.

To all who put their time and effort into this campaign before the campaign, I say, "Job well done!"

Finally, I posted last week about a certain two-faced muni chair...I'll not name him, but give you a hint instead:

Fish have them, Fish don't have them (first name, last name)

Have a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous said...

You left out the Barbara May incident...

Anonymous said...

Re: Municipal it GC?

Anonymous said...


I tried to keep an open mind about all the candidates (I think they deserve a fair shake before the committee after the doing all that work....well one didn't raise too much funds, but anyway!), but I immediately DQ'd in my mind the individual who grossly violated the 11th commandent with the green paper that you're referring to. Looks like the Montco GOP put together a strong slate.

Anonymous said...

I hope Maureen will be back in two years.

Anonymous said...

And I hope Dan Clifford will also be back. Both are class acts. Talent, the proper demeaner and experience.

Bill Shaw said...

Dan Clifford tried to convince everybody that he was the ONLY candidate from the family unit.

Kelly Wall is also an accomplished attorney from the family unit. For Dan to diminish her role was a classless move on his part, considering Ms. Wall was very supportful of Dan's candidacy.

Just my 2 cents.

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