Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weight Loss, Week Whatever...

I had a mediocre week last week, and gained a half pound.

Half a pound? I'm not even worried. We had snow, which impeded my ability to take my long walk every day, not because of road conditions, mind you, but because my bum hip always screams when we get severely inclement weather.

I've given up "seconds" for Lent, and have been watching portions during mealtimes, except when I'm out. I'm not going to apologize for eating, we all have to eat to survive.

Which is one of the "lightbulb moments" I have discovered as this process goes on...that I need to quit apologizing to myself and quit justifying myself to others when I'm hungry. The larger than normal meal my BFF's see me eating may very well be the result of a missed lunch or a way too early breakfast manifesting itself into an extraordinary hunger.

Which brings me to another point...I'm a big boy. I always have been. The same 1200 calories that fuel a "normal" sized person is not "normal" for someone my takes more fuel to push a 2 ton pick-up truck than it does to push a Prius, so when I see people looking at me sideways and backwards when they see me eating more than they eat doesn't necessarily help me as much as it makes them feel better about themselves...

Again, just another "lightbulb" revelation.

I feel confident that if I make incremental changes over a longer period of time, I'll get my weight under control. Being constantly reminded "what about your diet" is foolish, because I'm not on a diet, I'm making a change to my entire lifestyle. I therefore feel no need to justify my meals to anybody, 'cause you don't know what I ate for breakfast (or if I even did), now, do you?

Besides, I promised myself I wouldn't drive myself nuts over this. I'm not about to end up like this:

Here's to the upcoming weeks and successful changes.



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