Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Matthews Lie Refuted

And a Non-Sighting...

A while ago, I posted the following about "the Turd" a
nd his endless lies aimed at his former "brothers in arms" in the Republican Party: Tell me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies (the Bulletin has since changed format and the links on the page no longer work. ed)

Well, I can feel good that we can refute but another of King James' one of his many interviews bashing the party and the leadership, Matthews had this to say:

"Kerns doesn't have the support of the committee. We let him win
the chairmanship"
Last evenings endorsement of the recommended slate of candidates throws that lie out the window, Jimbo!

By the way, none of "his" candidates won endorsement last night. Jimbo was nowhere to be found. I heard later that he was tied up for the evening...



Anonymous said...


Here's the saddest part about last evening. For the whole four years Ken Davis was chairman all we heard was whining and crying from "Little" Matt McLaughlin and "Slow" Adam Gattuso about how unsupportive people were of the chairman and the party.

Lo and behold who was running around last night working for all of the "unrecommended" candidates and trying to muck up the works? The same two dubious former Executive Directors of MCRC under Davis.

Their most vocal supporters on the committee, including the scumbag from Whitemarsh who put out that disgraceful letter against a fellow Republican violating his so called 11th Commandment were doing the same thing.

Just goes to show you that not only is Jim Matthews a lying scumbag but his few remaining supporters have no scruples either.

A united Republican victory will show them all just how far their star has fallen. There's no place for people like that in this party anymore.

Anonymous said...


Been thinking about this.
Chairman Kerns Does and Did seem to have unity that night... I think since he is doing SUCH A GREAT JOB.. He should scrap the "Executive Committee" recommendations and just let the committee people decide from the get go! From the Bottom Up! Then it will prove that he is the Best chairman we ever had. Don't think the results would have been different at all and that really would have sent "those Guys a message". r4ever

Anonymous said...

This picture is in extremely poor taste. You really need to be more positive and stop all this crap. Even though this picture is off the charts... it is still better than the picture of you eating a cheeseburger.... Give it up already.

Interesting that you don't have a sighting of Jim talking to everyone at Pat Coonahans Fund raiser at the Bay Pony Inn on 6/11/2009 Where were you Scum a ratzi's then... still down at the shore! JA

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