Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Occupation of Zero Risk

Occupy Wall Street has had some splinter groups form in other major cities, including Philadelphia...From the looks of the photo, there's not many people protesting, unless it was time for a Starbucks and a splash of petrouli...

One of the biggest gripes is that they hate...literally hate that people get rich in this country, and don's spread the wealth around. Well, I'm far from rich, but my take on things is this:

The rich have every right to take risk and earn as much as they can just as we have every right to take risk and earn as much as we can...that's the American way. They want socialism? Move to Cuba, Fidel would be glad to have them....or not.

I struggle every day to put food on my table, and I still don't think these morons have a clue as to what "reality" vis a vis "real life" is all about. Let them worry about paying the bills, feeding their family, keeping ahead of collection agencies, and making sure they don't lose the home they've been paying over 20 years for.

I lost my job exactly one week after Obama got elected. I cannot find a good paying job in my field, so I started my own business and sub contract at less than half of what I used to make. I don't blame Wall Street, I blame the massive debt that the current administration is incurring for squashing consumer confidence. No consumer confidence = no new jobs, the end.

What everybody fails to acknowledge is the greater the risk, the greater the reward. If you want to be successful, some amount of risk should be involved, not just an open palm, saying "gimme".

Wall Street trades shares of "risk" every day. Those people taking the risk are going the extra mile to be successful.

One day, when my business is more established, I will assume some risk and raise my fees. Will I lose clients? Well, that's a risk I'll have to take, but I'm not standing here, with my hand out, saying "you owe me..."

I'm working hard, and I'm taking the risks. If I succeed, it will be on my sweat, my ulcers, my high blood pressure, and my grit. If I fail, at least I had the balls to take the risk in the first place.

What's going on here is a bunch of idiots who want everything, but are unwilling to assume the risk necessary to be successful. It's not republican, Democrat, or any other label, it's "no guts, no glory". I don't need a trophy to prove I played the game. Give me my trophy when I succeed in playing the game.

I'll gladly take all of the risk while these bozos stink and stand around singing "kumbayah". Just don't expect me to house, feed or clothe morons who are standing there with a Starbucks in one hand and a brand new iPhone 4s in the other, crying that Wall Street is screwing them. I'll risk my money on the poor woman who is widowed and has 3 kids, a job and a mortgage.


(Afterthought): Maybe they should start a new movement called "Occupy the Employment Office" and become useful members of society, instead of the left's "useful idiots".

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