Saturday, October 29, 2011

Epic Fail, Part Deux...

Not only does Joshy-Boy and Leslie's ad fall RIGHT NEXT TO Brown Castor's endorsement by the Intelligencer, The VERY NEXT DAY, news of Josh's admitted meeting with the Tea Party Patriots, A GROUP THAT LESLIE AND JOSH BLASTED JENNY BROWN FOR BEING PART OF (although she's not).

Understandably, I call BULLSHIT, Josh and Leslie...retract your commercial and recant the lies you've been t
elling about Jenny Brown. You just can't defend this.

Oh, and the "Epic Fail, Part Deux"? That this, too, gets posted on the very left-leaning Politics PA, RIGHT NEXT TO YOUR CAMPAIGN AD!

Tea Party Josh Shapiro?

By Ali Carey, Contributing Writer

In the highly contested Montgomery County Commissioner race, associating your opponent with the Tea Party has become the barb de jour.

Democratic candidates State Rep. Josh Shapiro and Whitemarsh Township Supervisor Leslie Richards have been hammering one of their Republican opponents as “Tea Party Jenny Brown.” Earlier this week, their campaign aired a 50’s sitcom style thirty-second television ad featuring Brown, a Lower Merion Township Commissioner, and incumbent Montco Commissioner Bruce Castor. The ad specifically calls Brown, “the only candidate who met with the Tea Party.”

But that may not be true. As it turns out, Shapiro met with a local Tea Party Group during his 2010 re-election campaign.

According to Ed Boyd of the Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots of Eastern Montco, Shapiro attended the group’s monthly meeting on October 14, 2010, at the North Penn VFW in Glenside.

“Now that Josh Shapiro has finally admitted the statement is false, there is no other recourse than for his campaign to pull all of the blatantly disingenuous radio and TV ads, and to make sure the falsehood is not repeated in any future campaign mailings and statements,” said Brown in a statement.

The Shapiro/Richards campaign argues that the claims in their advertisements are accurate, because Shapiro was a candidate for State Rep. at the time, not County Commissioner.

“Long before he became a candidate for county commissioner, Josh met with constituents who belonged to a local Tea Party organization and challenged their viewpoints head-on,” said campaign spokesman Frank Custer.

He reiterated the campaign’s charge against Brown.

“Jenny Brown, as a candidate for county commissioner, went to see the Tea Party, embraced their partisan principles and sought their support.”


One Response to “Tea Party Josh Shapiro?”

Bob Guzzardi, Ardmore Penna. says:

Josh Shapiro lies! Jenny Brown Tea Party? Josh Shapiro Socialist? Frankly, I am shocked at Josh’s lie. Even though I disagree with Josh on issues, I had thought his word was good. This is very upsetting. dr. bob and I are Tea Party and are active with Kitchen Table Patriots in Bucks County. While we, enthusiastically, support Jenny Brown, Jenny Brown is not what I would consider “Tea Party”.

Although Jenny Brown shares some of the ideas and policies of Tea Party, just as Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards share quite a few Corporatist – Socialist Redistribution of the Wealth ideas, does not make Jenny a Tea Party person or Josh a Socialist. Very bad logic; the fallacy of the undistributed middle is well known and frequently promoted in political campaign rhetoric.

Name calling obscures the serious fiscal issues facing Lower Merion and Montgomery County. While fiscal common sense is on of the Tea Party principles, it is not the only one. Just as Big Government Spending, Borrowing, Taxing and Unionizing is only only one piece of classical fascism-communism.

ShapriroRichards need to resort to name calling to distract from their records of Big Government, Big Spending, Big Borrowing and Big Unionizing. .

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