Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bruce Castor: Josh Shapiro ‘lied’ about Tea Party meeting

It seems that the Shapiro/Richards team is continuing to be disingenuous with their TV commercials. In a taped forum on Larry Kane's "Voice of Reason" TV show, Shapiro finally admitted he himself had met with the Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots.

  • When pressed by Castor during the taping of Larry Kane’s “Voice of Reason” show Thursday, Shapiro finally admitted he had met with the Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots — Eastern Montco.
  • “(Shapiro) even lied directly to the voters on the show,” Castor said. “I didn’t have any objection that he had met with the Tea Party, but that he said Jenny Brown is bad because she did.”
Boy...they called Jenny Brown an extremist...what does that make Joshy-boy? A liar, that's what. Read the whole article here: Josh Shapiro ‘lied’

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