Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intelligencer Endorses Brown-Castor Ticket for County Commissioners

The Intelligencer had one editorial board sit down with all four candidates for County Commissioner (at separate times) and here's what they came up with: Josh and Leslie have no credibility, no plan...otherwise, their campaign is full of shit.
When given an opportunity to expand on their platform, Richards and Shapiro are a one-trick pony...No Tax Increase. From the Intelligencer:

Shapiro and Richards are limiting themselves with their no-tax-increase pledge, and they’re taking a big risk in doing so. If Castor, after four years as a commissioner (albeit a marginalized one), says he doesn’t know the extent of the county’s financial woes, it’s difficult to figure out how Shapiro and Richards can be so confident about not having to raise taxes (emphasis mine...ed.)
Exactly. Full of shit. See, Jim-Turd and Joe The Huff have screwed this county up so badly, even a sitting county commissioner (Castor) doesn't know the extent of the problems they have caused. Castor has voted "no" on every big project (and three budgets) that he thought could wait until the county was in better financial condition, but in Castor's own words, "Two beats one".

Similarly to Huff Huff and Jimbo, Richards spent without regard to who would have to foot the bill in Whitemarsh, increasing our debt here almost tenfold...from $1.8 million to over $15 million and will leave the mess - one she helped create - for others to "clean up". The next administration will surely have to raise taxes in Whitemarsh, and Leslie gets out with no culpability. Full. Of. Shit.

For the past 4 years, The Intelligencer has not often been kind to Castor...they have, however, been fair in their assessment of the candidates running for commissioner this time around. Their pick? Read on:
It’s our belief the Republicans have the stronger, more credible game plan. That’s why our endorsement goes to Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown.

Read the entire article here: For commissioner in Montgomery County: Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown

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