Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Montco Voters Elect 6 of 7 Republican Judges...

...and Jimbo had absolutely nothing to do with their victory.

Congratulations to MCRC Chairman Bob Kerns for his stalwart leadership in bringing 6 of his "Magnificent 7" judge candidates across the finish line.

Winning on the Republican ticket were (in no particular order): Kelly Wall, Carolyn Carluccio, Gary Silow, Pat Coonahan, Garrett Page, and Wendy Demchick-Alloy. Congratulations, Your Honors!

Congratulations to Joanna Cruz for fighting the "good fight" and working hard with the team. Hold your head high, Joanna, there is no shame in defeat. You worked just as hard as the rest of the magnificent candidates and should be very proud of yourself.

The lone democrat winner was that woman who ran several failed races trying to pick off Jim Gerlach's congressional seat...Lois something or other...

All in all, a great night for Montco Republicans, with Abington retaining it's 6 incumbent commissioners, picking up a few seats county wide, at least three District Justices, and personally, we won our first contested constable race right here in Whitemarsh (at least since I've been involved in local politics...Congrats Constable-elect Nancy Walter!

It's 2:52 am, and time for me to finally get to bed (I've been up for the past 21 hours and a little bit tired). Good Morning, to all and have a pleasant day!

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Anonymous said...

That's great that your constable candidate won. What happenned to your Twp. Supervisors candidates? A Democratic board in Whitemarsh? Maybe you guys down in Whitemarsh can find better candidates. I have a feeling Whitemarsh will be another Cheltenham in a few years. Then no Republicans will get elected.

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