Thursday, November 26, 2009

Matthew's Hatred For Castor Has "Jumped The Shark"

For those of you who don't know the origin of that phrase, "jumped the shark" is a reference to the sitcom "Happy Days", where, in the last season, Fonzie water skis and jumps over a vicious maneater...the ratings were suffering and this was pretty much the proverbial icing on the cake.

The show had gone form a reasonably funny period (1950's-60's) show to "jumping the shark", which has become a pop culture phrase for something that has become so utterly ridiculous, so over the top, that it's totally unbelievable.

Which brings me to this...Jimbo, JimTurd, KJIII, El Rey Trejo de Mierda has finally "jumped the shark".

The Intelligencer has posted an article today reporting on the failed ethics policy that King James and Jo-Jo Huffin-Stuff recently, in their unholy alliance, passed and made county policy. This policy named 126 county jobs where the employee was forbidden from being involved in politics. The "offender" could be fired, according to the Turd-Huffin Stuff doctrine.

Fortunately, two of our county row officers, Sheriff John Durante and District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman filed suit against the commissioners (who voted 2-1 to pass, with Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr., the sole dissenter) to squash this egregious policy.

Judge William T. Nicholas found in favor of the DA and the Sheriff, citing that
"The county commissioners have no legal authority to hire, fire or supervise the employees of county row officers [...]".
District Attorney Ferman had this to add,
"From the beginning, this has been a fight for the independence of the district attorney’s office...It was very troubling to me when two of the county commissioners took an action that was clearly designed to control the district attorney’s office and regulate the employees of an independently elected row officer.

There is nothing more important to me than the ethics and integrity of the district attorney’s office but the regulation of our employees comes from us, not from other people with other agendas"
And what was said agenda you may ask? Well, your humble blogger knew this all along, but JimTurd's world is crumbling around him...from "The Intelligencer":

Matthews said that one of the major reasons he worked to include the district attorney’s office in the ethics legislation was to get back at Castor, his former running mate, because of Castor’s attempt to use the same legislation to go after his friends in county government. This would include long time Matthews ally, county Solicitor Barry M. Miller who worked on various Matthews political campaigns.

“I wanted him (Castor) to hurt, to feel the pain,” said Matthews. “He (Castor) was directing all his efforts at my friends so they could not be in politics, so I figured we could throw in the DA’s office and see if he likes that.”

Matthews said he will seek the repeal of the ethics legislation now that Nicholas has ruled that it does not apply to the personnel in the row offices, claiming it is not fair to other employees to have restrictions while row office employees have none.

Jimbo is certainly beginning a major melt down. To use his office and public funds to further a personal vendetta is both insipid and egregious. It's also downright mad to actually admit to doing so in the newspaper.


We need to send Jim Matthews a message...that we, the voters and citizens of Montgomery County will not stand by and watch him or his crony Hoeffel waste our tax dollars on personal grudges. But how?

Don't support the bastard. Don't go to his fundraisers. Don't invite him to yours. He's been formally censured by the Montgomery County Republican Committee...if he seeks re-election or pursues further office, let him be Marcel Groen's problem.

Read the entire "Intelligencer" article, byMargaret Gibbons, here

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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