Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jimbo's Having Car Trouble...

Jimbo may not be as "in the clear" as he thinks, concerning his campaign finances.

According to
Department of State spokesman Charlie Young, "an elected official is obligated to prove the assertion that he’s effectively campaigning night and day." (Times Herald, 04/18/10)

“The burden of proof would be on the official to show that he’s campaigning ‘24/7,’” Young said.

“If they’re using campaign funds for anything other than to influence the outcome of an election, then they’re violating campaign finance and reporting law,” Young said.

I'm sure that living the "Starbucks culture" is "effectively campaigning night and day", isn't it, Jimbo? As is beers with Barry at PJ's, huh?

Matthews response?

When the law requires a daily diary, you won’t have me to kick around anymore"
Um, Jimbo? The law does require one...it's called a "campaign finance report".

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