Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jo-Ho Steps Down from Election Board Post

Although Hoeffel states in the article that Kern's press release didn't influence his decision, it does seem kind of ironic that he stepped down before the end of the same day the press release came out.

I guess Jo-Ho is just one of those "ethical" guys that get into politics to serve the people, not to get all of his friends and cronies jobs...oh,wait, check that. He and Matthews made an agreement to share the power so they could give jobs to their friends and cronies.

Hopefully, president judge, Judge Richard J. Hodgson, will appoint the right person for the job, and the election board will no longer be under Marcel Groen's control, vis a vis Hoeffel.

Read Margaret Gibbons report from "The Intelligencer"


Frank Custer said...

Unless I don't know my county government, I think the new member of the election board must be a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

You are correct that the new member must be a Democrat (we know it is Levy), however, that doesn't necessarily mean the Democrat will be the CHAIR.

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