Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too much monkey (C)-Biz-ness

Hahaha...Looks like the dynamic duo are up to their old tricks once again.

Now, they have an insider making "recommendations" for them!

Apparently, a new player in the RFP process has emerged...and the guy was hired without Republican Commissioner Bruce L. Castor, Jr. having any idea he was being hired, let alone having input on his hiring.

Enter G. Fred DiBona III, of DiBona Associates, hired by Jimbo to "assist staffers and HR in evaluating bids and RFP's.

No doubt, this "insider baseball" is the reason CBIZ has been awarded the contract to negotiate Montgomery County's health benefits contract once again. Of course, Jimbo and J-Huff, both recipients of campaign contributions from CBIZ executives, voted to have G. Fred handle the bid process, the guy admits freely that he knows the "players". From today's Times Herald:

DiBona also conceded the process that picked CBIZ was a “subjective determination,” and that evaluating consultant companies was not something he ordinarily does.

“It’s not a regular part of my business,” he said.

The selection process was tipped in favor of CBIZ given that “The guy who is paying (DiBona) is CBIZ’s guy,” Castor said, referring to Matthews.
Also, Mr. DiBona "admitted when questioned by Castor that he knew the firms by name that he helped county officials rank"...this smells suspiciously of the weasels hiring the fox to guard the's so transparent, it's laughable, Jimbo!

Here's the entire Times Herald story:

Montco Renews CBIZ Contract


Anonymous said...

Politics are so dirty.

DiBona gets paid $7,500 to help consult on something that is not in his wheelhouse?

CBIZ gets the lowest deal for the county after competing against other brokers and is still being trashed by Phucas.

Why does any one county need two commissioners and a chairman? What are they all paid? There should be one entity, with a system of checks and balances so that the commish doesn’t get too much executive power. Kind of like how the country operates.

Bill Shaw said...

I'm wondering if CBIZ wasn't told how much some of the other bids were, so they could be tipped off? Besides, the RFP process doesn't require the county to accept the "lowest" bid, it only requires that when services are needed, that at least the process is open to bidding by "no-bid" contracts.

The county could have picked CBIZ even if they were the highest bidder under the current ordinance. That's why Phucas continues the fight.

The County has three commissioners, with one being elected "Chairman". What made Matthews (the lowest vote-getter of the three elected commissioners) Chairman was a power sharing deal with in which he turned his back on the party because of an insane jealousy of Bruce Castor and his popularity.

Up until this administration took over, Montco was flush with surplus cash, lowered taxes, and ran like a well-oiled machine. This bi-lateral government of Matthews and Hoeffel has purged our reserves to the point that we can't afford to spend any more money, lest we lose our AAA bond rating.

Fortunately, next year we get to change the face of our county government and right the wrong perpetuated on us by Jimbo's greed and jealousy.

Lisa Mossie said...

Hey, where's the RFP's from the last couple of years that CBiz got this deal? Those just never materialized, did they?

Bill Shaw said...

Bruce addressed that in the article, as did Keith Phucas...they never materialized.

Janice Kearney said...

I love working on campaigns in general but I am especially looking forward to working on any candidate's campaign that will result in that traitor being booted out of office. Turning his back on the party that put him there was egregious enough, but nonsense like this after he got there put the proverbial icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

You got it all wrong Janice. Bruce wanted the cake and the icing.... As for the Commisioner Candidates, You won't have a choice in picking the candidate! Bruce and Bob will pick the person ! They will get it shoved down our throat like Melissa Murry Webster.... Heres An IDEA/// why not have all the people interested in running for commisioner go to the convention and let the chips fall where they may ! Imagine that.... Bruce runs with the person the Committee people pick. Instead of saying he is not sure who he wants run with yet.... Oh yeah will guess what it not just your say Bruce their are 800 plus committee people to. Shocker Not all about you! So no Stacked deck executive Committee No suggestions just a good old county convention. Why even be a committeeeperson if you don't have a say !!Now that is TRUE Nonsense.... IAOTTFLS

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