Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"The Mathews Effect" Claims It's Latest Victim

Last evening, the 13th Congressional District GOP endorsement was held at Wissahickon High School. There were 6 candidates on the slate, (in no particular order) Dee Adcock, Charles McIntyre, Josh Quinter, Brian Haughton, Lee Falgoust and Damien Dachowski.

In the first round, the voting went as follows: Adcock-81, Dachowski-82, McIntyre-28, Falgoust-37, Quinter-35 and Haughton-32. 42 votes were needed to carry a candidate to the next round, so it was a two candidate horse race, by about 9 pm

Many of you may recall that Marina Kats routed Lee Falgoust two years ago in his attempt to win endorsement for the same office...time to give it up, Lee. People obviously don't want what you're selling.

Before the final round, all of the candidates who were knocked off were given a minute to address the gathered committeepeople. McIntyre asked that his supporters throw their votes over to Adcock, while the other three asked the crowd to "vote their conscience".

In the end, Dee Adcock was endorsed by the committee 173-119 over Damien Dachowski.

"The Matthews Effect" claims another victim, as Dachowski is married to Jimbo's niece (and QVC on air personality) Susan Matthews. As time marches forward, "The Matthews Effect" continues to claim victim after victim, making me wonder why people still associate themselves with the man.



Anonymous said...


Please add any victims of the Matthews Effect that I have missed. Matthews is so toxic that the mere mention that a person is "the Matthews candidate" is fatal. Not a single candidate has asked Matthews to headline an event or appear as a supporter since Matthews' defection. The list is so extensive of those tarred with the Matthews brush, I can't remember them all, but I'll try:

Ken Davis, forced to retire as MCRC Chair

Jim Vlahos, forced to drop out of MCRC Chairman's race

Tracey Specter/RCLMN, forced to resign as Area 7 Leader, leadership shake-up to toss out Matthews apoligists.

Lee Falgoust, twice defeated for congressional endorsement

Bill Bryers, Common Pleas judge endorsement

Brian Rosenthal, Common Pleas judge endorsement

Bill Klotz, District Judge endorsement

Herb Matthews, Township Commissioner

Ken Fody, State Rep. nomination

Damien Dachowski, Congressional endorsement

Mike M said...

In the Dachowski case, his Matthews connections aren't exactly his fault. You can't expect a man to choose his wife on such things ;)

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