Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sightings:XXVII, or "They'll Never Think to Look For Us Here".

Last evening, I dined with a couple of friends at Capone's restaurant, in East Norriton. As we left the establishment, who did I see enjoying a cozy, candlelight dinner for two?

Jimbo and his BFF, Barry Miller. My guess is they were scheming a new way to "get back at Castor", now that their ethics policy fell through the floor.

Looks like they've picked a new "hangout" now that the Blue Horse (in Blue Bell) has closed down...see ya there soon, Jimbo!


Anonymous said...

I have Jim there many times so you are wrong Again and you are a STALKER! Just Peachy

Bill Shaw said...

Yeah, I eat out about once a month, but I'm the stalker? Just Peachy LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yo Bill... Regardless of this Sighting .. You are slipping .. Jim is Everywhere.... So Get use to it ! You need more "stalkers out there to help you keep up with the Commish.... Why don't you talk about all the Place Commisioner Castor goes to. The events he attends and the people he has dinner with... Like Brian Miles at the Blue Bell Inn. Oh and be sure to mention all the events Bruce gives $$ to... Focus on the positive things Instead. Plus you really should not eat out at all Bill... being that you are trying to lose weight and "Dining out food has so many hidden Calories in it" Merry Christmas........KLM

Bill Shaw said...

heh, don't worry about my weight loss, I seem to be doing just fine without your input.

I just noticed seem to have much more time to post comments on my blog than I have to actually write posts for must be an attorney! P.S it was good seeing you last Monday evening ;)

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