Friday, October 2, 2009

I Guess Jimbo "Had Some 'Splainin' To Do?

Not that anyone in Montco cares (now that he's "officially out"), but Jimbo has decided to tell Margaret Gibbons (of the Intelligencer) his tale of woe.

It seems that JimTurd is too old to run for Lt. Governor.

By his own reasoning, he's not willing to play second fiddle to the governor at his age, citing
"When you are in your 50s or 40s, any intelligent person who looks at the lieutenant governorship looks at it as a path, a bridge to another destination"..."When you are in your 60s, you have to look at it as a destination and I have to tell you that, as a lieutenant governor, there is not a whole lot to do."
He goes on to say that he's not willing to sit back and just nod to the governor (in more or less words) at his age...
"would drive me nuts being gagged as a lieutenant governor because you have to always defer to the governor."
As for getting the support of 10 county chairmen? Maybe so...but to not have the support in your home county speaks volumes state-wide. King James' censure last year still resonates around the state because of Jimbo's willingness to defer to the Democrat, Joe Hoeffel, in all decisions that benefit democrats in Montgomery County.

Because of this unholy alliance, Jo-Ho is now poised to become the dems candidate for the governor's mansion.

But, this self-imposed "age-ism" is not such a bad thing. The lesser of two evils is that he stay right here in Montco where we can keep an eye on his antics a bit more closely. At the end of the day, if this is the excuse he needs to stay out of the fray, I'll take it.

Whatever it takes to convince yourself, El Rey...whatever it takes. I'm just taking comfort in the fact that come 2011, you'll be out of sight, out of mind.

[Conspiratorially speaking, this may just be a ruse to keep the press off his back prior to a "late season" announcement that he has reconsidered and is, in fact, running, although I'm convinced that neither Corbett nor Gerlach would have him (and to that, we'll just have to wait and see).]


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Anonymous said...

He needs to stay in Montco and Continue to RUN the Court House. Doesn't this tell you that he is STAYING and Will Run in 2012! So It does not look like he will expire till 2016 as Commish... Bruce is not going to run and Jim & Company and FRIENDS and he has more than you think Will Win!

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