Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bogeyman's Gonna Getcha!

I'm getting tired of the whole "Bogeyman's gonna getcha" tactics that BHO is using to stir up the waters of this health care issue.

The problem with the whole "health care reform" debate is that, in fact, the health care system isn't broken. It's not a health care issue, it's an insurance issue.

Everybody has access to health care...just look at the hospital emergency rooms, full of people with the flu and ingrown toenails. Hospitals are not allowed, by law, to turn them away without being seen. It comes down to who is paying for health care.

I'm currently unemployed, and my wife works...she gets health insurance through her employer. For those who do not, unfortunately, they have to pay, just as I do for homeowners, life and car insurance.

Do I want the federal gov't. meddling in those insurances, just because Joe Citizen can't afford full coverage, like I can? No!

This whole debate isn't about access to health care, it's about access to insurance. If one goes to work, even at a fast food joint, they have access to health insurance. One has to be willing to give up that Blackberry, the extra premium channels on their cable tv, and maybe the $35.00+ a week cigarette habit they have.

I'm out of work and we've cut back. People can afford insurance, but, if the gov't. keeps telling them "we'll take care of you", where's the incentive?

This is all smoke and mirrors, anyway. BHO thinks he can "scare" the American public into believing that the healthcare crisis is a "bogeyman" so to speak, but remember...after 8 years of Clinton failure on this topic, and 8 years of Bush not doing anything (b/c nothing needed to be done) the fact is, 16+ years have gone by and nobody is lining up to die because there lacks a national health care system.

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TheBitterAmerican said...

Absolutely true. Bryn Mawr Hospital exists more from charitable events like the Devon Horse Show and old-time WASP endowments. Catholic hospitals exist on donations from their specific Diocese, etc,...

And you get the same care at both because groups like JCAHO keep them in line.

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