Monday, June 8, 2009

Friends of the Forgotten

(Waiting to leave Norristown High School!)

Yesterday, I rode in my very first motorcycle "run", the Friends of the Forgotten Ride for Freedom, which honors POW/MIA's and their families.

I've watched this "run" from the sidelines, every year, since I've lived in this area. This time I was a (more than) willing participant. To say it was fun is an understatement.

The ride started at Norristown High School at 8 am for registration. The actual "heel's up" ride commenced at 11:30 sharp. My riding partner, George, and I arrived at about 11:10, registered and saddled up in plenty of time to get going. We were somewhere in the middle of the "pack" of near 1500 motorcycles, trikes and (a few) scooters.

We left at approximately 11:45 and arrived in Conshohocken about 12 noon. We then proceeded through Conshohocken to the Schuylkill Expressway, onto Rte 422, and ended at Valley Forge Park Visitor's Center.
The total "parade" was about 25 minutes long, and averaged about 30-40 mph (counting highway travel).

When I exited Rte 422, I happened to look down the expressway, from the overpass, and could not see the end of the procession. I was really in awe of what I was part of.
In past years, I had told my wife, Karen, that if I ever had the opportunity to do "that" I would. This year I was fortunate enough to achieve out one of my personal goals, to ride in the Ride for Freedom...a group I have watched for 17 years pass my "corner"...always wanting in, but never quite getting there.

Needless to say, I will strive to participate in this event every year from now on.

After the ride, I spent about a half an hour picking bugs from between my teeth...the sure sign of a "happy biker". I should have pics and some video later today.

The photo below is my friend, George, who invited me to tag along with him this year...thanks, George, I had a blast! (Photo was taken at the end, in Valley Forge Park)

Have a great Monday.


Anthony said...

Iwas there also, Great time nice weather. who do you ride with?

Bill Shaw said...

I don't ride with any club, but I rode in this with my friend, George.

I thought about starting a club, but out of respect for those already established, I'll hold off for now.

George is a firefighter and will probably join the Red Knights. I'm considering starting a chapter of the "Spirit of Scouting" MC, an Erie PA Motorcycle club that only allows scouters as members.

Other than that, maybe we should ride sometime?


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...


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