Monday, April 13, 2009

A Plea For Help

My Friends...

I normally do not use this forum to solicit anything (but your time), but this matter is very near and dear to our family.

Casey Taylor is the daughter of a childhood friend, Michael "MAT" Taylor. She is not even a year old and desperately needs a liver transplant. (She has a twin sister.) Her father is the closest match for a tissue donor and has been traveling from Florida to Pittsburgh almost weekly to undergo all of the testing involved (the transplant will take place at Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital).

They could use all of the help they can get. The link below takes you to a patient online donations page, where the money collected will be used solely for Casey's transplant expenses.

I know a lot of us give blindly to charities and never really know where the money is being spent...any money donated on this page goes directly to fund Casey Taylor's medical expenses and only Casey's.

I've known Casey's father, "MAT", for close to 35 years, when he was barely out of diapers himself. His family and mine have been friends at least that long, if not more. I was there when he married Maureen (too long ago to remember how long). These are good people who have found themselves in an impossible situation. As a personal favor to me, could you consider giving even $5.00, if not more, to help the Taylor's offset the cost of her operation and their traveling expenses?

Thank you all, in advance, for even considering this, and please, if you cannot afford to give, pray for Casey and her family?

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