Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Political Pariah of the Year?

Lehigh Valley P.O.V. has picked the worst politico of the year...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Years Political Pariah

Time Magazine has their person of the Year. Sports Illustrated has their Sportsperson of the year. In the Lehigh Valley Blogosphere, what do we have? Nothing!

So I have consulted with my staff, consisting of three dogs, a fox, a skunk, a pair of nesting red tailed hawks, and a feral cat living dangerously under my back deck, (For now) and come up with some awards.

As the "Great One" would say, "And awaaaay, we go!"

This Morning we award the first of many trophies, to be for now on known as "The Golden Bloogers!' Yes, I wrote "Bloogers", rhymes with Boogers! The actual trophy is a Bronzed pile of Cow Poop spray painted to the color of Gold.

The category is "Political Pariah" and the Nominees are:

Former COS to Bill DeWeese : Mike Manzo

Former Beaver County Rep: Mike Veon

Political Consultant: Tom Severson

Montgomery County
Commissioner: Jim Matthews

Click here to see who won.

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